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The Word As The Truth

There is currently, as in the past, an intense attack on the Bible as the Word of God. This Bible study material is absolutely appropriate for discussing with a fellow believer or groups. It deals with topics that are very, very relevant, and provides well-researched information to answer a multitude of questions about the Bible and Christianity.

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Motivation for compiling this Bible study material

After each chapter there are also questions for Bible study groups to discuss!Questions such as, “Is the Bible truly authentic – authoritative,” are increasingly emerging. I followed certain debates in newspapers for over 30 years. As a result, I began researching whether the Bible, as a Word of God, has answers to the most common topical issues facing modern society, and which may or may not even raise serious doubts about the existence of God. .

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I guide you to discover the vibrant, living Word of God, which is absolutely unique. The purpose of my research is therefore to support the broad Christian community with the knowledge that they sometimes need in everyday life to be able to testify effectively. Divine truths, as contained in the Bible, are too closely intertwined to accept at all that they are the product of human inspiration.

My contribution is to take creation truths from the Bible, and to share it with the readers in a meaningful way. In some cases, truths from the original languages ​​translated from the Bible had to be confirmed in a practical, simple way.

If you also love the Bible as the Word of God, you will find this Bible study material very interesting and insightful. Many questions with sufficient evidence will then be answered with confidence. I also presented nationally on the radio of these topics. My conclusion: The Bible is certainly authentic, and therefore the most precious book one can take in your hands!

Blessings, Chris Mostert

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