The Origin of Life e-Book


In The Origin of Life, Chris explains the creation of earth and the universe; presents evidence of scientific discoveries which are found in the Bible; uncovers important prophesies found in Genesis; and shares his insights about the authenticity of the Bible. Chris unpacks his research, revelations and provides solid evidence in this book; the information you will read has never been told so authoritatively. It is an astounding read and will excite every person who wants to understand the Origin of Life!

What you will learn and uncover

  1. The deeper meaning of Creation and Genesis in the original Hebrew text
  2. Who Elohim, the Creator–God is and how he creates
  3. The spiritual and natural creation in Genesis 1
  4. Prophetic messages hidden in the genealogies
  5. Prophesies about the coming of Jesus the Messiah
  6. The creation of the earth and universe
  7. The Bible, written in 1300 B.C. contains modern scientific principles
    – including gravity, oceanography, climatology, recycling and the “big bang”
  8. God and the Hebrew word
  9. Proof of the authenticity of the Bible