Unleash the Personality of God Within E-Book


In Unleash the Personality of God Within, Chris gives a powerful guide on how to live victoriously in God’s healing. You will discover how you operate as a spiritual being and how to walk daily with Jesus Christ; how to transform your personality, character and thoughts with the help of the Holy Spirit; and unleash the fruits of His spirit in your life. This book will transform lives as it takes the reader on a journey of true spiritual growth and victory for all!

What you will learn and uncover

  1. The significance of blood in the Bible and its function
  2. The Spirit of God and the Zoê-life (Divine life)
  3. The stages of spiritual growth and being transformed
  4. The Bible, faith and healing
  5. The power of the mind and disease
  6. How to transform your thinking
  7. Understand your personality and characteristics
  8. God’s personality and the fruits of the Holy Spirit

The key to joyful living; unleash the fruits in your life